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ID No DCS Learnership In collaboration with SASSETA APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION TO A LEARNERSHIP IN DCS DATE RECEIVED FOR OFFICE USE ONLY EVALUATION APPROVAL/DISAPPROVED Comments By Date Page 1 of 4 IMPORTANT INFORMATION Please read this information carefully before completing the application form. INFORMATION 1. The application form must be completed in full as indicated on the form* Incomplete applications will not b considered* 2. The completed application will be evaluated against the entry...
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Incomplete applications will be rejected. 3. If the applicant has been awarded the Midshipman's Distinction and has served on a ship prior to his / her application date, the applicant will be required to obtain the Naval R.M.S. Class “D” Certification from the applicant. 4. This certificate will be required when the applicant re-enters DCS or when he /she leaves DCS. 5. There is no maximum ceiling on the hours that the applicant can serve. All available opportunities will be considered. 6. Applicants must be physically able to successfully complete the required tasks assigned to the position. 7. The Navy maintains a high success rate in our D.C.S. Program to increase the size of the class to meet our recruiting goal for the year as a whole. 8. Applicant must be available to train and train, in a variety of scenarios, with Navy and Marine Corps personnel. 9. A maximum of 25% entry and 15% selection is guaranteed annually based on a combination of experience, skills, and educational qualifications. Each year, these percentages will be adjusted downward by 1% in order to meet recruitment goals. 10. The application must be signed by all parents / guardians, if applicable, along with the applicant. 11. The person must demonstrate a positive record of citizenship or permanent residency in US territory. 12. The applicant must be available in time to attend training at a given date and time, including training and flight training prior to being appointed as an instructor. 13. Applicant must have demonstrated competence to perform all required duties, including those related to communications, navigation and surface operations. 14. Applicant must have an approved medical clearance from the Department of Defense. If required, the applicant must also submit a copy of the “Medical Examination Report”. 15. Applicant must have appropriate education and language skills. 16. The applicant must have demonstrated a knowledge of the mission and a desire to serve. 17. The ability to successfully perform assigned duties will be graded on the basis of: “Success Factor” (SF) A. Ability to operate, maintain and maintain sufficient technical proficiency to meet anticipated operational challenges, including a knowledge of shipboard and ground-based equipment, and skills that affect the ability to perform these tasks, such as basic engineering and shipboard information systems. B.

Who needs the Application for Admission to the Learner ship in DCS?

In attempt to expand job opportunities the Government of the South Africa has developed special educational program. Students and unemployed individuals can become its members by filling out Application for Admission to the Learner ship in DCS.

What is Application for Admission to the Learner ship in DCS for?

With this application men and women who are under 35 are eligible to join the educational program. During the program all the learners will take theoretical and practical courses aimed to broaden participant’s outlook and enhance career and get new job opportunities from the leading companies that operate in South Africa.

Is Application for Admission to the Learner ship in DCS accompanied by other forms?

The application itself isn’t enough to fill out. The list of documents that must accompany application includes the copy of the applicant’s identity document, copies of qualifications listed in the application. Specific learner ship may have more requirements. Make sure you comply with them before submission of the application.

When is Application for Admission to the Learner ship in DCS due?

Generally, the Application for admission to the Learner ship in DCS is filled out before the program starts. The date when the courses begin may vary, so it’s better be clarified.

How do I fill out Application for Admission to the Learner ship in DCS?

There are only two pages to be completed. Every applicant must provide detailed information about themselves that includes name, surname, ID, race, gender, date and place of birth, etc. They are also required to indicate language proficiency level, work experience and provide reference materials if any. The application must also be signed and dated.

Where do I send Application for Admission to the Learner ship in DCS?

Completed application is submitted to the admissions' office for further processing.

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